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Who we are

Our research on optoelectronic materials spans the fields of organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry, polymer science, and nanomaterials. Our mission is to provide a collaborative environment where creativity is encouraged, and trainees have the freedom to break new ground. We use a targeted approach to training to help every individual set and achieve goals, whether through academic exchanges, industry partnerships, outreach, and more. Learn More


Seja, Katrina and Ryoga win NSERC Doctoral Scholarships

Three Ph.D. students from the Hudson group have taken home top scholarships from NSERC. Congratulations!

Nathan wins CIC Graduate Award in Polymer Chemistry

Nathan has been given the award for the top Ph.D. in polymer science in Canada for his work on near-infrared emitting materials for bioimaging. Amazing work!

Alex and Jade take home UBC scholarships

Alex has won the 2021 Gerry Scholarship in Physical Chemistry, and Jade has won the 2021 Elias Scholarship in Chemistry from our Department. Congrats!