Dr. Zachary M. Hudson

Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Chemistry

Research in the Hudson group focuses on the development of photonic and electronic materials to address issues of sustainability in chemistry and materials science. Our group synthesizes new molecular and polymeric materials for applications in sensing, printed electronics, and efficient solid-state lighting. We also explore the synthesis of functional nanostructures from soft materials, their self-assembly into complex architectures, and their emerging applications in nanoscale electronics.

Office: Chemistry D324
Lab: Chemistry D417
Department of Chemistry
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z1
Tel: (604)-822-2691 (office)
Tel: (604)-822-5563 (lab)
Fax: (604)-822-2847
E-mail: zhudson@chem.ubc.ca

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    News from the Hudson Group:


Ethan's paper accepted to JACS   September 2019

Multiblock bottlebrushes give nanostructures analogous to multilayer white OLEDs, as well as polarity-sensitive inks.

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Hudson Group receives a Wall Solutions Initiative Award   September 2019

In collaboration with G-Pak Technologies Inc. and Circular Waste Labs, our aim is to develop a single-serve coffee pod such that the entire product can be composted with regular organic waste after use.

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Chris' paper accepted to JACS   August 2019

Bottlebrush morphologies can be used to force or prevent charge-transfer interactions between polymer chains, resulting in new photophysical properties. Read more here: 10.1021/jacs.9b07156

Jade cheyenne and donny

Congrats Cheyenne, Jade, & Donny for receiving NSERC scholarships!   June 2019

Well done Cheyenne and Jade for receiving NSERC PGS-D3, and Donny for receiving NSERC CGS-D3 this year. 100% of the domestic students in the Hudson Lab are supported by NSERC.

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Congratulations Sarah and Lingzi!   April 2019

4th-year students Sarah Halldorson and Lingzi Gao have been awarded prizes for the top theses in both CHEM 449 and CHEM 445. Congratulations!

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Zac Appointed to NSERC Council   June 2018

Zac has been appointed to NSERC Council, tasked with setting national science policy to achieve Canada's research goals.

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Zac is named Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Chemistry   February 2016

Zac has been awarded a Tier 2 CRC in Sustainable Chemistry for his work on efficient lighting technologies. On hand for the announcement and a lab tour were Minister of Science Kirsty Duncan and Parliamentary Secretary for Science Terry Beech.

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